Businesses cannot afford fire damage so fire engineering is growing in prominence.

However, since the budgets are getting tight, companies are looking to cost efficient ways to design and maintain their current and future safety offerings.

Working with a fire and safety design and drafting specialist like Pinnacle can save significant costs and time for you, since our delivery centre is in India.

Pinnacle is a multi-disciplinary fire fighting engineering services company in Hyderabad supporting customers since 2009. Managed by industry veterans, with more than 60 man years of hands-on project experience in North America, France and Middle East.

Our Fire and Safety services include:

  • Fire protection design documents for compliance as per API and NFPA standards
  • Firewater system upgrades for hydrants, monitors and piping
  • Pipe layout and support locations for Foam fire suppression systems
  • Detailed fire suppression design drawings like layout of firewater network
  • Hydraulic calculation reports for each fire system
  • Cause & Effect matrix detailing the required actions of the fire alarm system
  • Pre –Bid (Tender Support) for Estimations and MTOs

Engineering Services:

Detail design, with Project management & Assuring Quality Procurement Engineering & Design.

Industry's served
  • Pipeline Engineers
  • Piping Designers
  • Steel Structural Designers
  • Instrumentation Designers
  • Electrical Designers
  • Piping Stress Engineers
  • Material Engineers
  • Project schedulers
  • Procurement